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Cyber Intelligence

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Cyber Intelligence

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Cyber intelligence refers to the practice of collecting, analysing, and using information about digital threats and vulnerabilities to protect organisations and individuals from cyber attacks. It involves using various sources of data, including network traffic, system logs, social media, and other online resources, to identify potential threats and determine the intentions and capabilities of attackers.


Cyber intelligence can be used to identify and mitigate security risks, monitor and assess emerging threats, and provide early warning of potential attacks. It can also be used to support incident response and forensic investigations, as well as to inform strategic decision-making about cybersecurity investments and policies.


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Collection: Cyber intelligence starts with the collection of data from various sources, including open-source intelligence (OSINT), closed-source intelligence (CSINT), and human intelligence (HUMINT).


Analysis: Once data is collected, it must be analyzed to identify potential threats and assess their likelihood and impact. This involves applying various analytical techniques, such as data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing, to extract meaning from the data and identify patterns and anomalies.


Dissemination: The results of the analysis are then disseminated to relevant stakeholders, such as security analysts, incident responders, and decision-makers. This may involve the use of dashboards, reports, or other tools to present the information in a clear and actionable format.


Action: Finally, cyber intelligence is used to inform and guide action to mitigate cyber threats. This may involve taking technical measures, such as patching vulnerabilities, blocking malicious traffic, or deploying new security tools. It may also involve non-technical measures, such as training employees on cybersecurity best practices, implementing security policies and procedures, or engaging with law enforcement or other stakeholders.


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