Killnet claims the cyberattack on Lufthansa was retaliation for Germany’s support in Ukraine

Pro-Russian hacker group Killnet claimed responsibility for the IT failure of German carrier Lufthansa, adding that following a “rat experiment,” it now knows how to stop navigation of any airport in the world.

Germany’s flagship carrier Lufthansa experienced a severe IT fault on Wednesday, leaving thousands of passengers stranded. The company initially attributed the incident to the damage caused to several of Deutsche Telekom’s glass-fibre cables during construction work in Frankfurt.

However, it now seems that the failure could have been a result of a planned cyberattack. The alleged leader of the hacking group KillMilk announced their affiliation with the attack to the Russian website, which belongs to the state-owned company Sberbank.

“We killed the Lufthansa employee corps network with 3 million requests per second of fat data packets.

These were experiments on rats that were successful.

Now we know how to stop any navigation and technical equipment of any airport in the world.

Who else wants to supply weapons to Ukraine?”